Saturday, April 27

I'm Done With Facebook

In 2009 I'd not made a new blog post in a while; my explanation was thus: "My disappearance is, in part, due to my new addiction to Facebook. Damn drugs. I've been torn between, uh, playing on Facebook, or updating my blog. Hard choices."
I've been addicted to the thing called Facebook for ten years. I'm done.
In a subsequent post I'll let you all know where I'll be.

Tuesday, February 21

Friday, December 30

The Green Screen of Death (GSOD)

Rumor has it that Windows 10 will soon have a Green Screen of Death (GSOD). I thought it would be a good idea to show what that looks like, in realtime...

Tuesday, December 6

Trump, Romney, Christie, Hansen

Because it's funny?

Saturday, November 26

A follow-on to my last post...

Trump doesn’t want these unflattering photos of him shared, so you know what to do

Friday, November 25

Please do not share this photo of Trump

Heaven forbid that this image might go viral.

From here:

Thursday, November 17

Discover Westworld

This was in my "Discover Westworld" email this morning:

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