Thursday, December 31

Another Top 10 Viral Video Montage

This time from Time:

The rest of Time's Top 10's are here.

Wednesday, December 30

All The Good Names

It's a foregone conclusion that all the good website names are taken. Company names, too.

While perusing this morning, I happened on a company name straight out of the seventies. Seems a watch company has chosen a not-too-stellar name for its enterprise:


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Imagine a blue-stater wearing a Nixon watch.

OK, so they're fashionable, clean lines, all that watch-talk. But NIXON?

Advertising department do any research?

Guess they never heard of the infamous watch produced by equally infamous Dirty Time:

Yes, the Tricky Dicky Ticky.

Tuesday, December 29

Yeah, Explain This To The Kids

Chris got one of these from Ramin for Christmas. Funny how the male end of the connector is fuzzed out:

On Letting One's Hair Down

I watch Tekzilla. For the geek factor. For the cool toys tools. That Veronica Belmont Patrick Norton is one of the hosts has nothing whatever to do with it.

So as I watch Tekzilla every evening for their daily edition or the Thursday extended version, typically, Marilee is there on her laptop or lounging on the recliner, not actively watching, but still.

And the one topic that comes up on a nearly daily basis is: "When the hell is she going to do something else with her hair?"

Nope, not gonna go there.


Oh. Come. On.

A teaser for an upcoming story on Good Morning America is touting a couple who was lost for THREE days after their GPS led them astray. A whole 35 miles out of their way.

Jill, any comment?

"The only thing worse than no map is an old map. That's what was said on an old paper-based map some twenty years ago. I have no recollection of it, but that damn guy who keeps telling me to shut the f..." again. Sorry about that. Jill apparently does have a soul after all.

Really, though. Relying solely on a GPS for navigation is a bad idea. At least have some idea where you're going before setting out.

No, I didn't stay around for the story on GMA.

Monday, December 28

Remember When AOL Was The Center Of The Universe?

OK, maybe just in their mind. Time was, people thought America Online was the internet, and were quite dismayed when I'd tell them it was not.

AOL has apparently begun a thought process that says "We are who we are, and our logo should reflect that."

Old and new:So is AOL trying to tell us that if you're crazy enough to still be one of their members you should be viewing Rorschach ink blots?

From Famous Redesigned Logos of 2009.

Sunday, December 27


Marilee just said that to me. IN CAPS.

I got her a camera for Christmas. And I'm not allowed to touch it. Or help in any way, shape, or form. And it's probably better that way, since she'll learn how to use it herself.

I know not anything about it, other than the specs for it. It's a Fuji Z30. Pink in color. Ten megapixel. 2.7-inch screen. And that's about all I know.

Yes, admittedly, I didn't even know about it. Some sort of Santa's elf magic. Saw it for the first time on Christmas.

She'd had it out of the box for a few minutes earlier this morning - saw her toying with the thing.

After a nap, I'd asked how her camera was doing. Said she "I can't even figure out how the battery goes in."

Reversing direction on the stairs to see what I could do, she held down caps lock.

Wisely reversed direction yet again did I.

The Decade In Seven Minutes

Everything you need to know about the first decade of the millennium:

From Newsweek.

Saturday, December 26

The Great American Novel

Now here's a novel idea. Writing a novel.

It comes as no surprise that I enjoy writing. What's even more useful than writing the actual novel is finding someone interested enough to actually read the thing once you're done.

I saw a book tonight at Barnes and Noble that basically said you have to "sell" your book to an editor in the first five pages. Sometimes even the first page.

Five pages?

Hell, I have no idea I can write that many in the first place, but I'm willing to try.

I left the bookstore with a couple copies of Writer's Digest; I'm getting closer to starting.

At least I know I have to write at least five pages.

More on my writing here.

Why Pets Need Microchips

Out of Asheville, South Carolina is a heart-warming story about Sonny the cat being reunited with his owner TWELVE years later.

Read all about it at Citizen-Times' website.

It'll bring you to tears.

Friday, December 25

Yule Love This

Since it is, after all, Christmas, and at least here in Utah it's cold enough to freeze even the most hearty of souls, wouldn't it be "cool" to warm up by a raging fire?

Here, for your warming pleasure, is a Yule log in a fireplace. What with the heat generated from most computers nowadays, the effect is mostly complete. Look at it this way: no soot or ashes to clean up!

Thursday, December 24

Elf Rage

I created this for a friend:

If you'll recall, it is a follow-on to this post from earlier this year.

Merry Christmas from the BS-ery!

Just A Lil Bit

Meet Lil Bit:

Named by Taylor, loved by all, he is a lilac-point Siamese, though we suspect he's more Ragdoll. Judging by the photo, we're more for the latter.

Wednesday, December 23

About Searching For Sh!t On Google

That video on YouTube made me remember I hadn't yet posted about the search engine to beat all search engines.

Using the "Surprised kitty video" as an example, click here to see how it works.

Too damn funny.

Surprised Kitty

Yeah, you can search for this yourself at YouTube, but all you need do is find it right here:

Too damn cute.

Yeah, I Felt It

Did you?

We had an earthquake this morning around here - a 2.8 on the Richter.

It woke me up, but since I'm originally from California, I'm tuned in, you might say.

Only heard a slight "crack-like" sound and a gentle vibration. Nothing major. Or minor, for that matter.

More information on the quake from the USGS can be found here.

Tuesday, December 22

Are HP Computers Racist?

You be the judge of this video on Youtube:

The Video You've Heard About

"I Don't Like You Mommy":

Not surprising this wasn't on that last list.

Fun stuff!

Monday, December 21


I never paid much attention to what "woot" meant. I just considered it to be one of those cool web-centric made-up words that, well, sounded cool. And upon doing my considerable research in the matter, I found that "woot" has several meanings.

One such is that it a synonym for the word "root", a term that refers to having all-encompassing power over a computer. You know, administrative rights. Those rights the IT guys at your company have. Yes, root, with a speech impediment.

Woot also has more specific meaning; in computer gsming. it is a contraction for "Wow! Loot!" and is spelled thusly: w00t.

I'd heard both definitions over the years, but was not familiar with just plain "woot!". But as it turns out, that extra exclamation point makes all the difference.

Marilee found out about woot! from Jenn; in turn Marilee told me about it. Only a few days ago. I was checking it myslef each morning, but was rather surprised when she asked Sunday morning if I had looked at woot! that day.

A quick trip over there, and I was amazed. It was the lowest price I had ever seen on a netbook. I'd become enamored with netbooks ever since they began to appear, and couldn't wait to get one. As it is, this notebook I'm typing on is on its last legs, and according to Marilee it makes too much noise.

"That's what fans sound like."

"Whatever. Do you want the netbook or not?"

woot! has just one great deal per day, and some deals run out before the day is done. But not Sunday - my netbook is on the way!

Head over to woot! to see what you may find.

Sunday, December 20

My Wife Is An Alien

How do I know this? She told me so.

[I see your brow, how furrowed it is. Trust me, this actually makes sense.]

Besides - how many men suspect their spouses are from another planet? Thought so.

Think of it this way, with the following two examples:

Chewbacca. Chewie can understand everyone else, but only speaks Wookie, thus no one understands Chewie.

R2-D2. R2 understands everyone else, yet only squeaks and beeps, so no one understands R2.

In the above examples, Marilee is Chewbacca and R2-D2. No one understands her, yet understands everyone else.

See? Marilee is from a galaxy far, far away.

After all, she does have eyes in the back of her head.

I Cannot Win

Like I needed to be reminded of that.

Here's the deal: On a regular basis, when Marilee and I are in the family room watching TV, there are either animals of the feline or canine variety upon her person. All. The. Time.

And, on a regular basis, she exclaims "What are you two doing on me?" Turning to me, she'll say, equally as often, "What do they always get on top of ME?!"

"You're Marilee. They LOVE you."

So I'd like to think they love me, too, they just love Marilee more at certain times.

Last night, we went to bed rather late, and once again, the cats were upon Marilee; previously in the evening, the dogs were out and about, only to gravitate towards Marilee.

They were no where near me during those times, but then again, I'm more animated during those times, up and down doing other things.

Marilee went upstairs before I did, and having completed all the important stuff crap I needed believed I needed wanted to do, sat on the couch and watched some TV.

And no sooner had I got myself settled, around came the cats.

And sat upon my person.

Marilee and I are up rather early this Sunday. She, reading the paper, myself surfing. I turn in her direction, and proclaim something I would have expected would be good news.

"OH, by the way, I'll have you know the cats decided to climb on me last night before I went to bed. So it's not only you."

Somehow, as soon as that last little bit left my consciousness, I knew I was in trouble.

"That's supposed to be MY thing, not yours."

"But I thought..."


See? I can't win.

Saturday, December 19

Rather Cool Train Video

OK, so portions are rather cold.

Above is a 9½ minute, forward-facing HD video on a train going across Norway to Oslo, but at 9½ minutes, it's only a portion of the entire video available for download from NRK in Norway.

You might want to make sure you've got plenty of hard drive space before you begin - it's a 22-gigabyte file, pared down from the 165-gigabyte original.

Oh, and set aside some viewing time as well - the full video runs 7½ hours.

Bonus: The 9½ minute video shows where the scenes from Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back were filmed.

Friday, December 18

Unusual Commentary

Peculiar comment left on a blog post I made on July 18th. Of last year.

The post, titled "Dogs Can't Add", had to do with Bambi and Princess waiting single-file to be let back into the house. They hadn't yet figured out that I'm the automatic part in the equation of "putting two-and-two together".

So far, so good.

But this morning, awaiting my approval, was a comment "Anonymous" had left, to wit: "...please where can I buy a unicorn?"


Yes, dear reader, there's a reason I have the option set to approve comments before they're posted. I let this one slide because it's so "out there".

Other comments I've received can only be classified as spam. Obvioulsy automated, a comment riddled with links to God-only-knows websites are quickly dismissed.

But the unicorn comment? Hey, if it produces a visitor looking for unicorns, then just maybe I'll turn it into a post of its own volition.

Thursday, December 17

YouTube Videos Gone Viral

Can't believe I missed the "Evian Babies" video this year. Wonder what else was going on when it was popular:

That, and others like it, are featured on YouTube as tops for 2009. Enjoy.

There's No Spell Check In Photoshop

Wesite Designers of the world, please be sure to check your spelling when creating web graphics with text. That the following example is an animated GIF vs. Flash is of no matter.

On the other hand, if the spelling mistake is intentional, then your ploy worked, at least in my case.

This is only one example of poorly-created web graphics; more is available via my labelled posts here.

Wednesday, December 16

The Max Weinberg Mormon Song

Saw this on blurbomat, so I really did have to share.

No, really.

Internet Users Live Longer

It says so in the Deseret News this morning.

Well, sorta.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States 2010, also known as the
"Uncle Sam Almanac", available in its 129th annual edition, states that Utah is second only to Alaska in the number of deaths per 1,000 residents (Utah 5.3 vs. Alaska's 5.1).

Further, Utah is second only to our neighbor to the extreme north in internet usage - 82% to Alaska's 84.3%.

So, using the same formulaic wizardry that professional survey takers use - read: "The ability to pull numbers out of your ass" - Internet users live longer.

But only if you live in Alaska.

Tips For The Sensitive Christian

As we approach the holiday season, it's a good idea to be mindful of others and their religious beliefs - not everyone celebrates Christmas, after all.

Uh-oh, Bob's going into uncharted territory again. Best watch out, or black name badges will be knocking on the door and a lump of coal will be in my stocking.


From The New Yorker, a video of Tips for the Sensitive Christian:

Tuesday, December 15

Sometime In The Near Future

...there will be a headline on an online forum that declares:


Wonder how long the cease and desist letter will take to arrive.

Tiger's Action Plan

This is choice, considering it's from someone who has been in the news lately for less-than-stellar shenanigans of the bedroom variety:

From the Tiger Woods official website, a free program is available "...for young people to identify their own personal goals and take specific steps toward achieving them".

I'd be a bit suspicious of a program offered by a celebrity whose family life is as rocky as Woods' appears to be. It's bad enough that kids learn poor habits and questionable behaviors from their peers, but from someone that kids should be looking up to?


Put A Tiger In Your Tank

Such was the ad from years ago for Esso gasoline:

I don't know if Esso is still around. Perhaps in another guise. Even if they are, they might be inclined to bring back the campaign and "ride the wave", as some other ad agencies are doing.

One such email advertisement - spoken in somewhat of a cockney accent - suggests that I "tee up" my endeavors to increase my ad revenues.

"Tee up"?

Is golf in the news?

Wonder how sales of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are doing.

Monday, December 14

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity jig.

Somehow, that ending from "This little piggy" sounds mildly offensive. [See note below]

Marilee and I arrived home yesterday from our mini-vacation in Las Vegas. We left rather early - for us anyway - at about 6:30am, and got home at about 2:30pm. Not bad, but considering we had seen ominous snow total warnings along the route, we really expected to not get home until after dark.

And for those of you who were following my adventures in California, might you ask how it was "Marilee and I"? She drove down from Salt Lake to meet me in Las Vegas. And drove home in separate vehicles. Don't ask.

Anyway, there's more to tell about the waning moments of my California trip, but for now I'm home and thankfully so.

Note: OK, so it has been many a year since I even said "Jiggity Jig", but that one is from "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig". Interesting though, wouldn't you say, that both have to do with pigs in this day and age of the swine flu.

Friday, December 11


Was on Amazon last night looking for a book to listen to on the way home, and happened on a relaxation CD. While I did not purchase it - it was on CD and would arrive at home long after I got there - my powers of observation got the better of me and wondered just how an audio CD is available as a large print edition.

Take a look.

Damn Hippies

Saw the following block of ads on KSL's website this morning:

Pretty typical, I'd say. Whiter teeth, blood pressure snake oil, job offers, and...

I don't know what, exactly, to make of the other one. Is this what the people who did refinance look like, or the hundreds of thousands who did not?

Damn hippies.

Thursday, December 10

Sing A Song Of Six Peace

Common sense dictates that I should not blog about this.

As I have just gone through four Guinness', a Green Russian, and a Kamikaze, common sense went out the window about a half-hour ago.

Suffice to say, I just spent a most pleasant evening with several of my classmates at a sports bar here in the sunny (OK, it was after dark) climes of Southern California. Each was treated to that which happens to Bob when he has had a few too many drinks.


Yes, 'tis true, dear readers, I CAN be quite talkative when alcohol has been consumed. Whether it being a positive influence or not hasn't been decided yet - it really depends on what THEY remember.

What I DO remember is that the bartendress - or should it be barmaid, I'm not quite sure - was wearing a garment which said, in a quite noticeable location, was:
That it might have been laundered quite a few times is not of much importance, but apparently, from what my partners in crime said, it once said:
This was the first time - in a great many years, if not decades - that I had spent time in a real bar with that devil-may-care attitude that no one can come get me, as I was "stewed to the gills" in inebriation. Thankfully I was a short WALK from the bar to the hotel. One need not wonder what the outcome would have been had I driven to said drinking establishment.

Let's not go there.

But what was the most sobering thought was that this would likely be the last time, save for our final class tomorrow, that I would ever see these fine people again.

Pence to you all.

Dance, Love, Tweet?

The classic phrase about being unperturbed by the little things goes thusly:

"Work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one's watching."

Whether that's the original, I'm not quite sure, as there are other versions everywhere, like:

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like no-one's watching. Sing like no-one's listening. Live like there's no tomorrow. Fear like a stone."

But one that is actually NEW and improved and mirrors our life as it now stands, is attributed to one Adrian Clark, which goes like this:

"Dance like the photo's not tagged, love like you've never been unfriended, tweet like nobody's following."

Must remember this one!

Wednesday, December 9

Yes, I'm Quite Positive

On one of the machines we were working on yesterday, a UPS had failed - when, we're not quite sure, but suffice to say it had seen better days. Fortunately, it was only a defective battery, which is rather easy to fix.

This whole subject started sharp jabs and quick witticisms between myself and my classmates that I'm still in awe of even now. After extricating the UPS from the machine and then the battery from its enclosure, the banter started something like this:

"Are you sure it's a bad battery?"
"Yes, I'm positive."

As is necessary to ensure you're not replacing a battery that was recently installed, it's always a good idea to write the date on it.

"Did you date it?"
"Yes, we went out to a movie. She got a charge out of it. The mood was electric."

OK, you had to be there.

But after that quick-witted repartee, the sounds in the room acquiesced a bit when I let fly my last comment:

"I've been working in electronics for thirty years and I've heard all those jokes about electricity."


Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

I'd never heard this expression until tonight, but it really does make sense. Provided, of course, that you have a hat in the first place. I suppose then that if you have no hat then you cannot call the place in which you live your home.


Dinner this evening on per diem was TGI Friday's in Cerritos. Had me a Jack Daniels Flatiron Steak with fixin's. Quite unlike my sensory overload of a few nights ago, this was more my style. Then again, I knew what to expect, since I'd been to Fridays before in other parts.

Not that it has any particular importance, but I kept my Guinness hat on as well as my jacket. Yet had I wanted to, I could have placed each on what I think is the coolest invention I'd ever seen. Up until then, anyway.

There were folding sets of coat hooks on pretty much every vertical post in the place. Which of course, is interesting since it never rains in Southern California, nor does it get cold. Well, Utah cold anyway. So what point would there be in having so many coat hooks? It doesn't much matter - put enough coat hooks in a place and even I would wear a jacket just to use one.

Upon returning back here to my hotel, I commenced a search to find this new invention. What I found, however, surprised the hell out of me:

They're not new.

In fact, they've been around for at least a hundred years.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of a Marine Four Way Coat Hook:From the 19th Century. So what if it's a reproduction. Coming in both brass and chrome plating, they're also available both with and without balls on the ends.

I sense a project in the offing.


On my radar this morning is an article from Roy Peter Clark at Poynter Online, where he, too, suggests that writers use far too many acronyms.

TMA, BTW, is short for Too Many Acronyms.

Radar, in that first sentence up there, though now in lower-case, was an acronym at one time too: "RAdio Detecting And Ranging". Even the lower-case scuba was once just an acronym: "Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus."

Do we use too many acronyms? Likely so, since many of us who use them on a regular basis have to de-acronym them if we're speaking to someone who may be clueless as to their true meanings.

One of the best-ever examples is this: PCMCIA refers to the ubiquitous rectangular cards slipped into the side of laptops for added functionality, such as wireless connectivity, and for USB connectors where the laptop may not have enough built-in. The correct meaning of PCMCIA is "Personal Computer Memory Card International Association", referring to the organization responsible for ensuring the devices conform to specifications. What the acronym should stand for, however, is this: "People Cannot Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms."

RPC's entire article can be found here.

Tuesday, December 8

Bert and BOB

Years ago - really YEARS ago - my parents got me some personalized pencils from a catalog. Or something. Not quite sure.

Yes, they were personalized, and they should have said "ROBERT" on them. But noooooo...

They were to have been in the classic stamped fake-gold leaf style, but part of the text had gone missing. ON 100 PENCILS. For many years after that, I was known as "BERT".

That whole time in my life popped into my consciousness today as we discussed RS232 serial communications in class. I cut my baby teeth on serial communications thirty-some-odd years ago, so I was mostly bored with the material, even was able to share my knowledge to some extent as portions were truly new material to my classmates.

So one of the many things we covered was how to troubleshoot serial communications - a common way is with some form of loopback connector, but to really do some serious troubleshooting, you need a Break-Out-Box.

Acronyms are something I've already written about here. So I won't bother you with those details again. But when an acronym hits a bit closer to home, it partly takes me by surprise, but also tends to make me a bit uncomfortable, as it did today.

Because you see, dear reader, the acronym for a Break-Out-Box is BOB.

ALL DAY LONG I heard BOB this and BOB that, never knowing if it was serial comm they were talking about or asking a question of me. So I started tuning it out. But then I remembered something else about serial comm I truly hadn't thought about in years. Decades maybe.

There's a device used to test the actual data going through a cable, and whether there are any errors due to the speed of the data. Called a Bit-Error-Rate-Tester, it's used in synchronous communications, the sort of stuff we were talking about today.

So you see, not only were we talking about me, BOB, but also pencils.

The acronym for a Bit-Error-Rate-Tester is BERT.


As I type this, it is currently 16° in Salt Lake City.

Conversely, it is currently 42° in Los Angeles.

The guy down at the hotel desk just said to me "A bit chilly out there, hm?"

Yeah, riiiiight.

Saturday, December 5

The Effects Of Drugging A Spider

Long story about why and how I found the following video. Had to do with peppermint schnapps and spinning straw into gold.


Found in the Caturday thread this morning on Fark:

Too damn funny.

Friday, December 4

The Dining Experience

Being on this business trip affords me the luxury of getting to eat at places I cannot afford. Normally, anyway. Per diem during the week is limited to dinner at the rate of $25. Really, not that bad at all.

But where I eat is of no consequence - what matters to me is if I can sit down and just enjoy the food without any atmosphere. Or flamboyance. Or, as was the case this evening, the "Dining Experience" to be had at the Macaroni Grill in Cerritos.

Admittedly, this was the first time I'd ever been to a Macaroni Grill, in California or Utah. So as my waiter squirted some olive oil in a little bowl and ground some pepper on top of it (less than an hour later I can sense the pepper making demands my gastrointestinal tract will not tolerate), and drew his name on the tablecloth paper, upside down no less, I was ready to bolt and/or scream "Just give me my damn food."


Sounds a bit similar to my shopping habits - I do not shop, I go to stores to buy things. Just ask Marilee.

Yes, the food was superb, don't get me wrong - yes, I know, I'll have a corporate stalker from Macaroni Grill hitting my blog by tomorrow - but I'd rather they leave the ambiance at the door.

Somewhat Amusing Quiz

Name that car:

Quiz Created By Auto

Of course I got an A-plus - I took the test twice. You don't think I'm gonna post my original score of a C-minus, do you?

Thursday, December 3

How A Sewing Machine Works

Found this on another blog via a retweeted retweet on Twitter. Very cool animation, considering it's a GIF and not a SWF:

Thanks to Rachelle for retweeting the retweeted tweet.

Wednesday, December 2

Merry Christmas From The Woods Family

Got this from school today. OK, so it's not work (or school) related. Sue me.

Merry Christmas from the Woods Family!

This Is Much Harder Than I Thought

...provided I can keep my wits about me.

In any typical day, I can feel my brain rocketing along at a fever pitch, but once I slow it down a bit and try to remember whatever it is that I was thinking about, those thoughts go right out the window.

OK, some of you don't know my "secret". I'd like to share, but not quite yet. I still have a doctor's appointment scheduled for the middle of this month that will hopefully shed some light on the whole situation. God I hope so. Suffice to say that I have been diagnosed with a condition I've had all my life, always knew there was something wrong, that affects the higher, executive functions that are taken for granted by the majority of the population. I certainly did, until last month when I found out that I wasn't part of that majority. What a mind f*ck that was.

This time, in the school I'm attending, there's much more brain work. Granted, thus far it's all been about loading software on the machines I'm to repair, and I can do that on other machines with my eyes closed.

So while I'm trying to remember all that flies through my psyche in general, and what I'm supposed to be learning, and what my life was like while undiagnosed, and my life since being diagnosed, and what the future holds having that knowledge, and how different the whole experience would be like had I not been diagnosed, well, my head's about to explode.

I just hope there's enough pieces left to pick up.

Tuesday, December 1

Third Night

Sounds like a sixties-vintage song. Maybe I am hallucinating.

Already sick of restaurant food. Would much rather have food made by my significant other, even if it sometimes is only tuna helper. Hell, I'd even like it if I prepared it.

Speaking of vintage, one of my classmates and I were looking at an ├╝ber-cool website today featuring digital displays of the vacuum-tube variety (valves for those of you across the pond - always got a kick out of the difference). Nixie tubes weren't necessarily all the rage, they simply were all that was available. For you youngsters, this was pre-LED, LCD, plasma, and VFD.

Yes, it was a BFD.

There's something about the hearty glow of a vacuum tube - and whatever the tube happens to be installed in can double as a space heater.

But in my day, all those vacuum tubes were made here in the United States, now they're made elsewhere. More than likely in Russia.

Yup - in BFE.

Wait A Minute. I Smell BS

"Now wait a minute, Bob." [Imaginary quote from an imaginary source.]

"How can you come up with a question like that which you posed last night, and say you have a cognitive deficiency?"

Explaining cognitive deficiencies is like dancing about architecture. You can try, but the outcome is hopelessly erratic and futile. What's more, the more you try to explain it, the more it appears there's nothing wrong.

Years ago, there was this movie called "Brainstorm". In it, a contraption attached to your head would read what you were thinking about and what you were experiencing in your dreams, and record and display them on a monitor. Similarly, these dreams and experiences would be playable to whomever would put the device onto their heads. Think Vulcan mind meld with quad-core processors and a terabyte or three of storage.

Heady stuff.

How useful such a thing would be today, if only to play back for a neurologist for him to see what you were thinking . And how.

Again, as last night, cognitive deficiencies come in many shapes and sizes and are real things that to the outsider might appear as hallucinations. While I don't want myself to appear crazy, I'd rather this just be one more thing that makes me, me.

I'm dancing up a storm.
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