Thursday, December 17

There's No Spell Check In Photoshop

Wesite Designers of the world, please be sure to check your spelling when creating web graphics with text. That the following example is an animated GIF vs. Flash is of no matter.

On the other hand, if the spelling mistake is intentional, then your ploy worked, at least in my case.

This is only one example of poorly-created web graphics; more is available via my labelled posts here.


Rachelle said...

Been there. Done that. Guilty as charged. And it WAS on a Flash intro too!

TipSquirrel said...

Take a peek under the edit menu, Check Spelling is there.

bob's bs said...

OK, admittedly, I did not know that Photoshop has a spell checker. Then again, I do not use Photoshop. Never mind what I use. Besides, I'd still rather use Notepad for HTML markup. And anyway, we're not talking about misspelling a tongue-twister. WEBSITE. Not WESITE.

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