Sunday, September 26

Poetic Justification

Tim Page, speaking with Terry Gross on NPR, finding out late in life he had Asperger Syndrome:

Really eye-opening.

Thursday, September 16

Blight? Where?

Photo taken Tuesday afternoon in an as-yet-undisclosed location in Utah:

Blight? You betcha. Blight is characterized by, in this case, a deterioration of an urban area. Maybe, fifty years ago, that building was fresh and new, surely not having any broken windows nor brickwork in serious need of repair.

OK, I'll admit that there's nowhere in the country that is immune to blight. Eventually, many places just get out of hand; people move, businesses close, and no one moves back. Just like in that building.

And, dare I say, there are places in Utah that have been prone to blight. Metropolitan areas to the north of Salt Lake City and to the south of Ogden come to mind. But where, pray tell is the urban blight pictured above?

Surely not in Utah County...

Yes. There. Provo. Just off Center Street on 500 West.

Take a look next time you're in the area.

Wednesday, September 15

Chris Needs One Of These

Saturday, September 11

A Limitation Of The iPad?

Speakers up!

Sunday, September 5

Dancing In The Movies

Very well-done montage of dancing scenes from the movies:

Thursday, September 2

The Majestic Plastic Bag

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