Tuesday, April 29

Prinnie is Restless

Princess loves her Dad.

That would be me. Whenever I leave in the mornings (and yes she knows), she cocks her head just so, looking down the hall as if to say "Where do you think you're going?"

And if that weren't enough, she cannot get enough of me in the evenings. Ultimately, she'll bark to be let out, bark for her dinner, bark for her evening cheese, bark for lovin's, and then just bark for no apparent reason.

Tonight, she again got into one of those "none of the above" sessions; I recited "You got your dinner, lovin, cheese, just went outside, so it must be time to lay down."

And she did.

Dad loves Princess, too.

Sunday, April 27

The Cast of Characters

Characters indeed.

As I sit here taking pen to paper (as it were), I realize the cast of characters hasn't been laid bare here. While that title up yonder makes it clear that this is my b's, there are others in the mix that need to be introduced. I'm Bob - that much is certain.

My lovely wife of almost two years is Marilee, though we both agree it feels like much closer to four years.

Marilee's son, Taylor, is 15 years old, and like most teenagers, knows far more than we do, and seems to think we're either crazy, or fit for an old folks home. Expect to see much about Taylor in these pages. And almost fittingly, we live in Taylorsville.

Marilee has two other kids - Chris and Jennifer. They're both young adults and living in the same house with Jennifer's significant other, Ramin. They're way out in the boonies on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

Other animals in the mix are indeed animals - Princess is a Shar Pei and German Shepherd mix, while Bambi is a Rat Terrier.

Marilee's cat - and I do mean it's her cat - is Sundance, a long haired tuxedo.

Rounding out the menagerie are my three cats, BabyDoll, Molly and Sherman. Molly is an ultra-long hair Maine Coon mix and her brother Sherman is a short-hair God-only-knows-something-akin-to-a-mountain-lion mix.

BabyDoll is in a class all by herself, and is the matriarch of the family. Having run into my Midvale apartment in early 1990 having just been "serviced" by a short-haired male black cat and a Siamese of likewise gender, she became my cat and has been for the last eighteen years - she's about 19 years young and keeps everyone in line, including me.

So there you have it - a menagerie for the ages, all under one roof. There's always going to be something to write about, so stop by often!

Our (her) TiVo

Marilee and I have been home all day today - partly due to no place to go. The high point of the day - other than potty breaks too numerous to mention (for the dogs, silly) - was watching an R-Rated movie I downloaded to our (her) TiVo.

Conveniently, Marilee's son Taylor wasn't here due to an overnight stay at his brother's house - you never know when he might come out of his room wondering what exactly is playing on the TV and what channel is it on? Just mentioning it's on the TiVo gets his attention, since he knows full well how to drive the TiVo, after all, he's 15 and knows more at his age than I did in the early part of my career in computers.

OK, so it was a mediocre movie, and the name of said movie doesn't need to be shared here. After all, it's not like it was purchased at some seedy shop on State Street. Amazon (through their Amazon Unboxed service) doesn't have any of those movies for sale or rent anyway. Suffice to say it was a movie that Taylor shouldn't even know exists.

Yeah right. After all, he's 15.

Saturday, April 26

The appeal of going to Costco

We love going to Costco. Partly to see if they have any cool new stuff, which of course leads to buying whatever the cool new stuff is, but also for the food. No, not the industrial-sized bags of frozen chicken; I'm talking about the prepared, hot out of the oven food.

While not at all gourmet, Costco has the best food court on the planet. Their pizza is to die for. Where else can you get a cheese, pepperoni, or combo pizza for ten bucks? Or for that matter, any variation for no additional charge; they'll even omit the meat on a combo for a veggie-style pizza.

And - a little-known-fact about Costco's food court - you don't really need a Costco membership to eat at the food court. Just saunter on in through the "Exit" side and straight to the food court. Don't expect to buy anything on the store side, though. That you can't do without a membership.

Once you've got your food, you can wander out of the store with your grub, or do what we do - people-watch. If you don't have a membership, it's a great way to find what they have to offer if you do decide to get one. Likewise if you do have a membership, just a lot easier.

Marilee and I had one of our famous "cheap dates" tonight - two slabs of cheese pizza, two drinks and two yogurt swirls for just over eight bucks.


Friday, April 25


"She's a tough old broad", so sayeth my wife. I have to agree, though this picture says otherwise.

She's true to her breed mix - Shar Pei on the one hand and German Shepherd on the other. Should anyone dare to walk or ride by, Princess goes into a barking frenzy, not ceasing until whomever it is is out of sight. Tough old broad indeed!
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