Sunday, April 27

The Cast of Characters

Characters indeed.

As I sit here taking pen to paper (as it were), I realize the cast of characters hasn't been laid bare here. While that title up yonder makes it clear that this is my b's, there are others in the mix that need to be introduced. I'm Bob - that much is certain.

My lovely wife of almost two years is Marilee, though we both agree it feels like much closer to four years.

Marilee's son, Taylor, is 15 years old, and like most teenagers, knows far more than we do, and seems to think we're either crazy, or fit for an old folks home. Expect to see much about Taylor in these pages. And almost fittingly, we live in Taylorsville.

Marilee has two other kids - Chris and Jennifer. They're both young adults and living in the same house with Jennifer's significant other, Ramin. They're way out in the boonies on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

Other animals in the mix are indeed animals - Princess is a Shar Pei and German Shepherd mix, while Bambi is a Rat Terrier.

Marilee's cat - and I do mean it's her cat - is Sundance, a long haired tuxedo.

Rounding out the menagerie are my three cats, BabyDoll, Molly and Sherman. Molly is an ultra-long hair Maine Coon mix and her brother Sherman is a short-hair God-only-knows-something-akin-to-a-mountain-lion mix.

BabyDoll is in a class all by herself, and is the matriarch of the family. Having run into my Midvale apartment in early 1990 having just been "serviced" by a short-haired male black cat and a Siamese of likewise gender, she became my cat and has been for the last eighteen years - she's about 19 years young and keeps everyone in line, including me.

So there you have it - a menagerie for the ages, all under one roof. There's always going to be something to write about, so stop by often!

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