Sunday, April 27

Our (her) TiVo

Marilee and I have been home all day today - partly due to no place to go. The high point of the day - other than potty breaks too numerous to mention (for the dogs, silly) - was watching an R-Rated movie I downloaded to our (her) TiVo.

Conveniently, Marilee's son Taylor wasn't here due to an overnight stay at his brother's house - you never know when he might come out of his room wondering what exactly is playing on the TV and what channel is it on? Just mentioning it's on the TiVo gets his attention, since he knows full well how to drive the TiVo, after all, he's 15 and knows more at his age than I did in the early part of my career in computers.

OK, so it was a mediocre movie, and the name of said movie doesn't need to be shared here. After all, it's not like it was purchased at some seedy shop on State Street. Amazon (through their Amazon Unboxed service) doesn't have any of those movies for sale or rent anyway. Suffice to say it was a movie that Taylor shouldn't even know exists.

Yeah right. After all, he's 15.

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