Saturday, April 26

The appeal of going to Costco

We love going to Costco. Partly to see if they have any cool new stuff, which of course leads to buying whatever the cool new stuff is, but also for the food. No, not the industrial-sized bags of frozen chicken; I'm talking about the prepared, hot out of the oven food.

While not at all gourmet, Costco has the best food court on the planet. Their pizza is to die for. Where else can you get a cheese, pepperoni, or combo pizza for ten bucks? Or for that matter, any variation for no additional charge; they'll even omit the meat on a combo for a veggie-style pizza.

And - a little-known-fact about Costco's food court - you don't really need a Costco membership to eat at the food court. Just saunter on in through the "Exit" side and straight to the food court. Don't expect to buy anything on the store side, though. That you can't do without a membership.

Once you've got your food, you can wander out of the store with your grub, or do what we do - people-watch. If you don't have a membership, it's a great way to find what they have to offer if you do decide to get one. Likewise if you do have a membership, just a lot easier.

Marilee and I had one of our famous "cheap dates" tonight - two slabs of cheese pizza, two drinks and two yogurt swirls for just over eight bucks.


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