Monday, December 14

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity jig.

Somehow, that ending from "This little piggy" sounds mildly offensive. [See note below]

Marilee and I arrived home yesterday from our mini-vacation in Las Vegas. We left rather early - for us anyway - at about 6:30am, and got home at about 2:30pm. Not bad, but considering we had seen ominous snow total warnings along the route, we really expected to not get home until after dark.

And for those of you who were following my adventures in California, might you ask how it was "Marilee and I"? She drove down from Salt Lake to meet me in Las Vegas. And drove home in separate vehicles. Don't ask.

Anyway, there's more to tell about the waning moments of my California trip, but for now I'm home and thankfully so.

Note: OK, so it has been many a year since I even said "Jiggity Jig", but that one is from "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig". Interesting though, wouldn't you say, that both have to do with pigs in this day and age of the swine flu.

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