Sunday, December 20

I Cannot Win

Like I needed to be reminded of that.

Here's the deal: On a regular basis, when Marilee and I are in the family room watching TV, there are either animals of the feline or canine variety upon her person. All. The. Time.

And, on a regular basis, she exclaims "What are you two doing on me?" Turning to me, she'll say, equally as often, "What do they always get on top of ME?!"

"You're Marilee. They LOVE you."

So I'd like to think they love me, too, they just love Marilee more at certain times.

Last night, we went to bed rather late, and once again, the cats were upon Marilee; previously in the evening, the dogs were out and about, only to gravitate towards Marilee.

They were no where near me during those times, but then again, I'm more animated during those times, up and down doing other things.

Marilee went upstairs before I did, and having completed all the important stuff crap I needed believed I needed wanted to do, sat on the couch and watched some TV.

And no sooner had I got myself settled, around came the cats.

And sat upon my person.

Marilee and I are up rather early this Sunday. She, reading the paper, myself surfing. I turn in her direction, and proclaim something I would have expected would be good news.

"OH, by the way, I'll have you know the cats decided to climb on me last night before I went to bed. So it's not only you."

Somehow, as soon as that last little bit left my consciousness, I knew I was in trouble.

"That's supposed to be MY thing, not yours."

"But I thought..."


See? I can't win.

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