Wednesday, December 2

This Is Much Harder Than I Thought

...provided I can keep my wits about me.

In any typical day, I can feel my brain rocketing along at a fever pitch, but once I slow it down a bit and try to remember whatever it is that I was thinking about, those thoughts go right out the window.

OK, some of you don't know my "secret". I'd like to share, but not quite yet. I still have a doctor's appointment scheduled for the middle of this month that will hopefully shed some light on the whole situation. God I hope so. Suffice to say that I have been diagnosed with a condition I've had all my life, always knew there was something wrong, that affects the higher, executive functions that are taken for granted by the majority of the population. I certainly did, until last month when I found out that I wasn't part of that majority. What a mind f*ck that was.

This time, in the school I'm attending, there's much more brain work. Granted, thus far it's all been about loading software on the machines I'm to repair, and I can do that on other machines with my eyes closed.

So while I'm trying to remember all that flies through my psyche in general, and what I'm supposed to be learning, and what my life was like while undiagnosed, and my life since being diagnosed, and what the future holds having that knowledge, and how different the whole experience would be like had I not been diagnosed, well, my head's about to explode.

I just hope there's enough pieces left to pick up.

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