Tuesday, December 1

Third Night

Sounds like a sixties-vintage song. Maybe I am hallucinating.

Already sick of restaurant food. Would much rather have food made by my significant other, even if it sometimes is only tuna helper. Hell, I'd even like it if I prepared it.

Speaking of vintage, one of my classmates and I were looking at an ├╝ber-cool website today featuring digital displays of the vacuum-tube variety (valves for those of you across the pond - always got a kick out of the difference). Nixie tubes weren't necessarily all the rage, they simply were all that was available. For you youngsters, this was pre-LED, LCD, plasma, and VFD.

Yes, it was a BFD.

There's something about the hearty glow of a vacuum tube - and whatever the tube happens to be installed in can double as a space heater.

But in my day, all those vacuum tubes were made here in the United States, now they're made elsewhere. More than likely in Russia.

Yup - in BFE.

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