Tuesday, December 1

Wait A Minute. I Smell BS

"Now wait a minute, Bob." [Imaginary quote from an imaginary source.]

"How can you come up with a question like that which you posed last night, and say you have a cognitive deficiency?"

Explaining cognitive deficiencies is like dancing about architecture. You can try, but the outcome is hopelessly erratic and futile. What's more, the more you try to explain it, the more it appears there's nothing wrong.

Years ago, there was this movie called "Brainstorm". In it, a contraption attached to your head would read what you were thinking about and what you were experiencing in your dreams, and record and display them on a monitor. Similarly, these dreams and experiences would be playable to whomever would put the device onto their heads. Think Vulcan mind meld with quad-core processors and a terabyte or three of storage.

Heady stuff.

How useful such a thing would be today, if only to play back for a neurologist for him to see what you were thinking . And how.

Again, as last night, cognitive deficiencies come in many shapes and sizes and are real things that to the outsider might appear as hallucinations. While I don't want myself to appear crazy, I'd rather this just be one more thing that makes me, me.

I'm dancing up a storm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And you are YOU !

Sometimes you have to be a little bit different to be better!

Ya think?

Hugs, Nanci

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