Monday, November 30

Quantifying States Of Mind

Ooooohhh. That there's some heavy talk, Bob. Is it BS?

I wish it were.

A question to pose of all of you - OK, both of you - is whether it is possible to identify traits that you have, that you know you have, but have never sat down to quantify what those traits are.

A poorly-worded example would be that you know that you hit your head on low-hanging objects but have no idea why.

OK, bad example.

Maybe this example will work better: Suppose you think you have multiple traits of a cognitive nature. Or lack thereof. Say you believe you have some sort of memory loss issue, but cannot come up with any specifics; when asked what kinds of memory problems you have, adding to the distress, you cannot remember what they are. So, being unable to quantify those cognitive deficiencies, you are led to believe that they do not exist.

Welcome to my world.

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