Monday, November 30

Tourist Trappings

On this trip, I almost made one of the more serious mistakes in driving south into California, and I'm not speaking of the Sunday after turkey day.

Not even.

No, this is a mistake made by just about anyone in need of a pit stop and/or a quick bite. Since one may also need to get gas and didn't stop in Las Vegas when they should have, or didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices in Baker, you cannot pass by Barstow without stopping for something.

That's why Barstow exists.

I'm not inclined to make this a travelogue of Barstow and all its virtues (let me work on that one for a bit), but what I can say about Barstow is that of all the tourist traps in the world, of all the dumps that can be had as you travel the four corners of the world, stay away from just one place:

Barstow Station

How any reputable establishment - including McDonalds - continues to be associated with that hell hole is beyond me.

Seriously, Barstow Station really needs to be bulldozed.

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

You wouldn't have happened to have seen the bumper from my car while pasing through Mesquite on the 15, would you? I seem to have left it there Friday night. Probably deeply embedded in a cardboard box...

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