Thursday, January 22

Say Cheese!

Marilee's been feeling under the (winter) weather the last few days. Full-blown cold. Stuffy, snotty, the whole bit. I don't think it's the same crud I had, but Taylor stayed home on Tuesday for something similar. Hope I don't get it.

Since she was feeling so out-of-sorts yesterday, I opted to make dinner - spaghetti. Pasta was boiling, sauce was bubbling, all was well. And it occurred to me that I needed to grab the Parmesan cheese from the fridge, and did so. And realized there were two containers therein.

While combining the two containers was the most obvious course of action, the execution was, at best, a scene from the Three Stooges.

Both had massive clumps of cheese at the bottom, so I shook one to break up the clumps, then dumped the contents into the other.

Then shook agai...

And Marilee started laughing.

She'd heard me in the kitchen, and, as she later told me, she thought "It really sounds like he's shaking that a bit too hard." As she thought that, she looked up, and watched me in the reflection off the fireplace window screen.

As she does this often enough, you'd think I'd be prepared. It's not infrequently that she'll ask "What are you looking for?" when she's looking in the opposite direction. Sitting in her chair, she really does have eyes in the back of her head.

As any good wife will.

And, yes, if you're wondering, the Parmesan cheese went flying everywhere.

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