Wednesday, January 21

Close Your Eyes

the before time (noun) Any time previous to now; primarily, any time previous to when I met Marilee.

Early morning. Bedroom. Really dark. Alarm has just rung beeped incessantly. Marilee has control of the remote. She says "Close your eyes."

Thus has begun a new tradition I taught her from the before time.

In my earlier days, the woman I was married to previously (aka my ex wife) knew all too well that when one's eyes are not accustomed to the bright light of anything, particularly if you're not expecting it, it can be downright blinding.

The antique cathode ray tube of the television in the bedroom is just such a blinding light. Illuminating the entire room, it actually hurts when the thing comes on, it's so bright. The HDTV in the family room, not so much, as the technology is different. Having no tube - in the before time that would be called solid state, but you don't hear that phrase much if at all any more.

Similarly, the bathroom light off the bedroom is even more painful; she doesn't say it when she goes in there, since girls don't need to use the light for nocturnal peeing. Not fair. Not fair at all, since it is I who says "close your eyes".

And, yes, if you're wondering why she doesn't need the light on, it's because the toilet seat is always left down.

I learned that from the before time.

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