Sunday, December 27


Marilee just said that to me. IN CAPS.

I got her a camera for Christmas. And I'm not allowed to touch it. Or help in any way, shape, or form. And it's probably better that way, since she'll learn how to use it herself.

I know not anything about it, other than the specs for it. It's a Fuji Z30. Pink in color. Ten megapixel. 2.7-inch screen. And that's about all I know.

Yes, admittedly, I didn't even know about it. Some sort of Santa's elf magic. Saw it for the first time on Christmas.

She'd had it out of the box for a few minutes earlier this morning - saw her toying with the thing.

After a nap, I'd asked how her camera was doing. Said she "I can't even figure out how the battery goes in."

Reversing direction on the stairs to see what I could do, she held down caps lock.

Wisely reversed direction yet again did I.

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