Friday, December 18

Unusual Commentary

Peculiar comment left on a blog post I made on July 18th. Of last year.

The post, titled "Dogs Can't Add", had to do with Bambi and Princess waiting single-file to be let back into the house. They hadn't yet figured out that I'm the automatic part in the equation of "putting two-and-two together".

So far, so good.

But this morning, awaiting my approval, was a comment "Anonymous" had left, to wit: "...please where can I buy a unicorn?"


Yes, dear reader, there's a reason I have the option set to approve comments before they're posted. I let this one slide because it's so "out there".

Other comments I've received can only be classified as spam. Obvioulsy automated, a comment riddled with links to God-only-knows websites are quickly dismissed.

But the unicorn comment? Hey, if it produces a visitor looking for unicorns, then just maybe I'll turn it into a post of its own volition.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

HAHAHA...I'd like to know too where I can buy a unicorn :P (BTW I better not get anything unicorn related for Christmas ;) kthanks)

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