Wednesday, December 9

Yes, I'm Quite Positive

On one of the machines we were working on yesterday, a UPS had failed - when, we're not quite sure, but suffice to say it had seen better days. Fortunately, it was only a defective battery, which is rather easy to fix.

This whole subject started sharp jabs and quick witticisms between myself and my classmates that I'm still in awe of even now. After extricating the UPS from the machine and then the battery from its enclosure, the banter started something like this:

"Are you sure it's a bad battery?"
"Yes, I'm positive."

As is necessary to ensure you're not replacing a battery that was recently installed, it's always a good idea to write the date on it.

"Did you date it?"
"Yes, we went out to a movie. She got a charge out of it. The mood was electric."

OK, you had to be there.

But after that quick-witted repartee, the sounds in the room acquiesced a bit when I let fly my last comment:

"I've been working in electronics for thirty years and I've heard all those jokes about electricity."


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