Monday, December 21


I never paid much attention to what "woot" meant. I just considered it to be one of those cool web-centric made-up words that, well, sounded cool. And upon doing my considerable research in the matter, I found that "woot" has several meanings.

One such is that it a synonym for the word "root", a term that refers to having all-encompassing power over a computer. You know, administrative rights. Those rights the IT guys at your company have. Yes, root, with a speech impediment.

Woot also has more specific meaning; in computer gsming. it is a contraction for "Wow! Loot!" and is spelled thusly: w00t.

I'd heard both definitions over the years, but was not familiar with just plain "woot!". But as it turns out, that extra exclamation point makes all the difference.

Marilee found out about woot! from Jenn; in turn Marilee told me about it. Only a few days ago. I was checking it myslef each morning, but was rather surprised when she asked Sunday morning if I had looked at woot! that day.

A quick trip over there, and I was amazed. It was the lowest price I had ever seen on a netbook. I'd become enamored with netbooks ever since they began to appear, and couldn't wait to get one. As it is, this notebook I'm typing on is on its last legs, and according to Marilee it makes too much noise.

"That's what fans sound like."

"Whatever. Do you want the netbook or not?"

woot! has just one great deal per day, and some deals run out before the day is done. But not Sunday - my netbook is on the way!

Head over to woot! to see what you may find.

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Rachelle said...

There's an app for that...

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