Monday, May 26


Today's our 2-year wedding anniversary. Marilee and I. The Pastor said at the time that if he should happen to stop for a moment, it wouldn't be because he was pausing for effect, but because a tour bus was passing by and there would be too much noise.

We got married on the Strip in Las Vegas. At the Little White Wedding Chapel. And, yes, he did pause for effect wait for a tour bus to pass near the end of the ceremony.

The last two years have been a collaborative effort. Any time two people get together for a project - in this case a life project - one hopes things go along smoothly, without too much friction. Always ask for the other's opinion. Accept each others' faults. Suggest options.

And change the color of your blog's logo.

We're still working on that last part. But we've got a lifetime to work that out.

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