Tuesday, May 20

No Charge

It's baaaaaack!

And no charge. No hits, runs, or errors. And no bill.

They did fix the Olympus under the extended warranty I was supposed to have gotten about a year ago, when all the other users out there were having the same problem. Primarily purple pictures.

OK, so I have it back; I've put the old strap back on and re-attached the tethered lens cap. Even found my old two-gigabyte Microdrive and even it still works.

Do I have pictures yet? Not quite. Between getting it back and just now - 10pm - I've only been taking pix of the light over the family room and pix of Bambi and Princess. Not award-winning, mind you... Stay tuned for those.

In the meantime, I need to do some studying.

I have to re-learn my Olympus C5050Z, back from the dead!

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