Saturday, May 3

Princess' Vet Visit

Princess had her first official vet visit today, at least since she's been our dog. She did well - so much so that the only snarl she made toward the vet was when he was perusing her canines. Not even when he took her temperature - imagine how you'd feel.

OK, so I had never taken that large a dog to the vet before, and was a bit concerned just how to hoist her onto the examination table. So while I had seen a hydraulic lift in an auto shop, I had never seen one in a veterinarian's office. Very impressed.

He cleaned her ears; they had a bit of infection therein - got drops for her ears for the next week or so until our next visit.

Blood tests, overdue vaccinations, and an overall geriatric exam (she is 12 after all) and we were out of there. $222 lighter in the wallet. Spring in my step.

She was quite exhausted afterwards, and has been sleeping most of the evening already. Pictured with her brand-new chewie, she's quite the picture of contentment.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

As much as I know she hates me, she's still a cute dog! Glad the visit went didn't mention how did in the car though :P

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