Monday, June 16

Jill is pissed

Jill is the voice on my new GPS device. While it is a pleasant-enough voice, for one that's computer generated, "she" gets pissed when I veer off-course. Maybe it's the inflection, maybe it's the algorithm that generates "text" to "speech", but when the thing says "recalculating", I swear "she" is talking down to me. That I don't know what's best for me and my car. That...

Wait - it, for lack of a better term, is a machine. It has no soul. It has no sense of character. Nor any sense of humor.

I'm inclined to download a different voice - maybe "Jack" - no foolin', the US voices are Jack and Jill. Or maybe a British voice would suit me - but with my luck, the Brit would sound like the host on The Weakest Link.

You ARE driving in circles. Good-bye!


Jenn said...

Get a British voice! Our security system lady is British and it doesn't matter if it sounds pissed at you, at least it would be funnier!

bob's bs said...

Well, I tried the British voice, and the Australian English one as well. While it's quite amusing listening to them both, I can't stand they way they mispronounce purely American numbers. For instance, we say "I-two-fifteen", not, as the Brit says, "I-two-one-five" or the Aussie "I-two-hundred-fifteen". We say "forty-seven-hundred"; they say "four-thousand-seven-hundred". Admittedly, Jill says "one-zero-three-zero-zero" for "hundred-and-third", but that's probably just a Utah thing. I should try to get it to navigate something in Southern Utah to see if it says "HurricAne" versus "Hurrikin". Or "Weeber" vs. "Webber". Oh, and can't wait to see if it massacres "Tooele". Fun stuff, "text-to-speech"!

Jenn said...

HAHAHA true...I guess you'd want a Nav device that you can actually understand as it tells you where to go :P

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