Wednesday, June 25

Really Big Gophers

That ug-lee box is gone. Really gone. Even has grass on top. Marilee and I are a bit stymied as to where the grass came from, since there don't appear to be any bare spots. At least bare spots that we can tell.

Other than some obvious dirt on top of the grass, you can't even tell anyone was digging the hell out of the yard. And the wildest thing is that there are no visible sprinkler heads. Yeah, this is a professional system.

So they'd already said we're going to have eighty-five sprinkler heads in the two yards. Marilee and I both knew from our experiences over the last couple years that there really wasn't enough pressure to drive the fifteen-or-so heads from the previous system. How, exactly, were they going to pull this off?

Lotsa valves, that's how. There were only four stations in the old system; so far I've counted ten - four in the front and six in the back. And instead of the timer being in the garage, it'll now be in the laundry room. Quite a change.

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