Tuesday, June 24

Technicolor Stakes

Last step before the new sprinklers was to have Blue Stakes come out and mark all the utilities with colored flags. Yellow for Natural Gas, Orange for CATV, and Red for power. Electric for those of you on the east coast.

The artsy farsty photo below left shows red flags in the foreground and orange flags in the background. And, no, that's not blood next to the red flag; rather it's red spray paint to further specify the route the underground utility takes. From that angle, it really looked like whomever was spraying went a little crazy, but from the side (below right) you can make out RMP for Rocky Mountain Power.

There are yellow flags out in the front yard for the gas line along Marilee's flower bed, don't know how much they'll be able to do with that area.

Interestingly enough, Blue Stakes only marks utility lines that run through your property; if there are pipes that terminate off-property, and a supply line runs from there into your home, they're not marked.

Like water lines.

They're the blue ones.

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