Sunday, July 27

Breaking Wind

No. Not going there. Don't ask.

Last week's wind storm that hit Taylorsville was, by all accounts, a series of microbursts. Nothing at all happened to the huge willow in the backyard. Hell, I expected a couple branches at least, but just a few feet away, the nondescript tree against the fence didn't fair at all well.

Yes, I cropped it this way for a reason. As can be seen from the photo, there's really half a tree missing.

And you can tell from the base of the tree that this was a substantial hunk of wood that broke off. Two whole "branches" from the main "trunk", this tree had turned into more of a bush.

We interrupt this brilliantly stimulating conversation for an explanation...

I'm told that this particular tree has quite a history, that it was hit by lightning - a year or so BB, or Before Bob as it were. Cut down to a stump afterwards, this tree wasn't ever expected to do more than rot away; it has since returned.

So the "tree" doesn't really have a trunk. unless you call the following a "trunk":

Now we have two trees with peculiarities - or one-and-a-half as the case may be.

...we now return you to your regularly-scheduled

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