Wednesday, July 2


Look it up.

If those of you reading this know me personally, you'll know I spent some time in a "military environment". No, not THE military. Anyway...

I have a real problem with regimentation (which, BTW, is difficult being of a minor religion in Utah). Any suggestion that I need to be controlled sets me off. You have been warned.

Monday night Marilee and I went shopping for clothes, for me. I'm not a clothes horse by any means, but the work I do is very hard on clothes. Crawling around on floors, snagging stuff on sharp edges, ink stains - it runs the gamut. Went to Penney's and got a couple short-sleeve shirts and a couple pairs of pants.

While the clothes we bought are fairly nondescript, no logos, no patch pockets, they're perfectly OK for work. However, I had had the feeling I should get something that's a bit more in tune with my current employer, and wondered if I should get some logoed merchandise - I'd seen others wearing the stuff, so I took a look at what was available.

Oh yeah, they're available. But when I read the part about "yearly uniform allowances", I stopped dead in my tracks.


Look it up.


Nanci said...

This is just a test >>>>

bob's bs said...

And this is just a test reply!

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