Saturday, July 12


You probably haven't gotten any SPAM lately. I just finished off half a can.

Not spam, this is about SPAM.

A recent Marilee-less trip to Costco found yours truly buying (intentionally) a mega-pack of reconstituted pig. I hadn't had any SPAM in a long time, and thought it would be a grand idea to get some.

(Mental note: Always bring Marilee along on future trips to Costco.)

Fried up some SPAM tonight I did. And it tasted like - reconstituted pig. Flavor, yes, since this was the 25%-less sodium version. But texture? Ick.

Marilee was a bit put off by the mere thought I was eating the stuff; when the subject got around to what's actually in SPAM, I grabbed an unopened can and started reading. And stopped when I got to the first ingredient:

Pork with Ham

At least we have something to hand off to the Scouts the next time they need handouts for their food drives.

Quick update: the expiration date is great - "Best by February 2011"

1 comment:

Jenn said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA...I have NO CLUE why anyone would eat that's just like hot dogs. WTF? Pork with Ham? HAHAHAHA

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