Saturday, July 26

Visitors from all over...


I've been a denizen of the online community for over two decades now. Started out on Compuserve in the early '80's with a Lear Siegler ADM 3A at 300 baud. That's (really) slow in today's terms. Text based. No graphics. And only 80 characters wide. Cutting-edge for the time.

Had short spells of interest years after that with Prodigy and AOL, and then my first real internet account in 1994.

1998 brought about my involvement with CAWS, and here, ten years later, is my blog.

And this thing we call the World Wide Web does, in fact, connect the entire world to information, concepts, and, yes, bob's bs. So much so that I've started to attract folks from all over the world from such diverse and remote locales as Colorado, Nevada and California.

Oh, and Australia, Romania, and Belgium!

Anyway, again, welcome to bob's bs. It's gonna be a fun ride!

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