Wednesday, August 13

The Anvil Chorus Would Have Been Quieter

Midnight or so in the household. And Lexie is having another whining session.

Little dogs. Love 'em or hate 'em. Lexie has that little dog voice that you either think is adorable or downright irritating. At midnight, it's the latter.

Lately, Marilee and I have been taking turns letting Lexie out at these times. My turn last night. Got back into bed afterwards; no sooner had I rolled over that the whining commenced anew. I vaguely remember saying out loud "Maybe she's hungry."

A few minutes later (or so it seemed), Princess started snoring. Loud. Peeved now, I jump out of bed, sweared a few choice words, added "I'm sleeping downstairs!", and as I come to a sudden stop, my left leg slides out from underneath me, and land on my right knee. Thankfully on the carpet, but still. No, nothing snapped, there were no cracking sounds, but I realized something below my right knee was aching.

Racing downstairs so as to sleep on the couch, with Princess not far behind, I realize that somehow Lexie is also now downstairs, and Marilee is down there, too.

"How'd you get down here?" to no one in particular, and Marilee says "You were right, she was hungry." "How long ago..." not believing it was any more than a few seconds "...did I say that?" "Maybe 10-15 minutes. I decided to come down here with Lexie and Bambi."

OK, so now I'm not only losing my mind, but also any semblance of elapsed time. "Go back upstairs to bed." So I did. And promptly forgot about my bum knee.

Morning came, and though my knee hurt, it wasn't debilitating - I could put weight on my leg - it wasn't really throbbing, but it let me know that it was there.

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so took the extra time to clean out the back of the truck for a bit. And did something that all but made me scream in agony - I crawled into the truck bed and promptly landed on my knee.

My hand flew to the affected area and just about hurled - I now had a knot the size of a goose egg just below my right knee cap.

"This is NOT good." I thought.

I promptly put off my first call of the day and, after letting necessary folks know I wasn't going to be "in" for a bit, went directly to the Instacare.

Patellar Bursitis is what the doctor said.

After an anti-inflammatory shot and a likewise prescription, I'm staying home today, doctor's note included at no extra charge.

And it figures that now it's as quiet as can be. Maybe even reclaim all that sleep I lost last night.

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