Wednesday, August 13

Stomachs and Elbows Turn at the Olympics

After finding the goose egg on my knee today, and the hurl rising in my esophagus, it's not surprising that I felt the same thing when I saw Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai's painful ordeal during the weightlifting competition in the Olympics.

Little did I know that staying home from work would reveal such a spectacle for such a great athlete. Imagine how you'd react if it were you, of if you had been in the audience.

[Warning: Graphic video not for the faint of heart. Or stomach.]

Please note - originally in this space I had a YouTube video of Janos Baranyai's oh-so-painful elbow dislocation from the weightlifting competition during the Olympics. After finding the first video had been pulled from YouTube, I then found another. And it was pulled as well.

The video is still painful to watch; if you'd like, google his name and you're bound to find a copy of it.

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