Monday, August 11

Green Green Grass of Home

"Hey Bob... what's s going on with the new sprinklers?"

Back in Journalism class with Mrs. Schreiber, occasionally an assignment would be to gather comments about some issue or other. "Here, Bob, read this out loud." After reading it out loud, she'd ask "May I quote you on that?"

OK, so the ethics of that sort of thing in today's world boggles your mind. Or it's live on Fox.

No one actually asked me how the sprinklers are doing. They're doing fine, thank you very much.

Dave at work commented that a problem with having an operational sprinkler system is that the grass grows better and hence requires that much more mowing.

We've been careful not to disturb the sprinkler heads, though the company that installed them said that would be no problem. And since half of the tree from a couple weeks ago was blocking the shed in which the mower was contained, the grass has been un-cut for more than a likewise long time.

Or laziness. Not sure which.

Anyway, there's a jungle of grass out there, and the weeds are doing really well.

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