Friday, August 1

Keeping Focused

After the Olympus died a year or so ago, I put a lot of the photos I'd taken up until then out of my mind. I found them again last night and shared them for the first time with Marilee.

That's one of the problems I have with having a digital camera. I take lots of photos, since I don't settle. As I've said before, you should take enough photos until you're assured you haven't missed THE photo. The photo of Belle a week or so ago proves that point.

Above is Sundance, Marilee's cat. Yes, I know it's out of focus. Like it matters. Should I have deleted it immediately? Probably. But after Marilee saw it, her "I want that!" remark caught me off guard.

Went to a Popular Photography seminar a few years ago; one of the speakers was a photojournalist who explained what the difference is between a professional photographer and an amateur - the pro's trash can is larger.

A dumpster should do...

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