Tuesday, August 19

Priceless Speed

Went to Price on a service call yesterday.

From outward appearances, it should have been a fairly quick call; of course it didn't work out that way. Thankfully it wasn't an all-nighter - it was during the day - but didn't get home until 9pm.

There's not much to look at going to or coming from Price. There's no red rock, but the beige-ish rock formations high up the canyons are a sight. That, and the giant wind turbines at the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon.

Quite uneventful otherwise, though I had a scare about halfway back from Price. A mile or so off in the distance, in twilight, I saw one of those speed signs that shows your speed. It's yellow text if you're under the speed limit, red if you're over, and...what the?

There was a damn police car off in the distance, too! Probably caught someone who was mesmerized by the technologically advancerd sign. OK, so Price isn't Podunk, but you'd think someone would have figured out this was a techy-speed trap.

I slowed way down until I was in the yellow, then got up closer to the speed sign. And started laughing hysterically.

Not only was the sign capable of displaying yellow and red, but blue as well.

Every ten seconds or so, the sign would switch out of speed mode and flash red and blue flashing lights.

Just like a police car.


Crackerjack said...

How is the city of Price going to make any revenue with a hi-tech sign like that?

bob's bs said...

It's probably more of a county or state thing. But still...

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