Thursday, August 14

Swearing, Bible Belt Style

Saturday morning, I was ordering some parts from the night before. Actually, since I got done at 1am Saturday, it really was later that morning when I ordered them.

I'd never ordered parts on a Saturday, so was a little unsure of exactly how to do it. Thankfully, the lady that answered the phone was kind enough to talk me through it. But by the time we got to the "Where do you want it shipped?" question, I was starting to wonder about the other part, and said just that.

"Do you want to know about the other part?"

I'd heard the reply in the movie Doc Hollywood, when Dr. Stone (played by Michael J. Fox) had been arrested for various violations - he got a warning from the arresting officer. "Son, you're in the middle of the Bible Belt, you better watch what you say."

OK, I've dropped my share of F-bombs and a few carefully placed BM bombs in my day, but when Dr. Stone let his bomb fly, I was on the floor with laughter. Even more so when I was on the phone with the part-ordering lady.

After realizing that, yes, I needed another part, she hissed "Sshhhhhhhhhhi... ure."

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