Saturday, August 2

Yard Sailing

Marilee and I decided early on this morning to hit a few yard sales. Funny thing, yard sales - I'd never heard the term until I moved to Utah. They're garage sales in California.

Generally, we never look in the classifieds for yard sales; just drive around, and you're likely to find more sales than you can find in the paper. But since the News has been dropping off a daily paper for us even though we never asked for it, we figured why not take a look.

Well, what a surprise to find not only a list of sales, but a map to boot! Looked like a "Map to the Stars' Homes" sort of touristy thing you'd get in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Marked with dots, every sale in the valley was clearly marked.

On the map anyway. I almost get the impression that people who put on yard sales have never tried to find one themselves. Folks, taping a white 4x6 index card written in ball-point pen to a telephone pole is not only not visible to someone driving 25 miles an hour - if that's the only sign you put up, don't expect anyone to visit your yard. Or garage.

Someone should write a book.


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