Wednesday, September 17

But Whose Legacy Will It Be? [Part One]

I've been hemming and hawing about whether or not to do this entry for the last few months. But after hearing what's happening along the new Legacy Parkway, I felt I had to make a comment.

Sure, so far the thing looks like it is doing what the State of Utah said it would do - relieve the congestion on I-15. Though I don't drive I-15 up through Davis and Weber counties all that often, it's typically when I have only a few short hours to be on a service call up that way. But from what I've heard from Dave "at work", it's wonderful.

But back to what's happened since the thing opened over the weekend. Seems Legacy's route takes it across "protected" wildlife refuges, and the tree-huggers were all up in arms over that. As well they should be. Legacy goes through prime waterfowl land. The Great Salt Lake is, after all, a great resting place for avian creatures to take a much needed rest from wherever it is they're flying from/to.

But apparently, no one - the environmentalists maybe - didn't think about the earth-bound creatures in and around the route. Particularly the raccoons in the area.

The local news said this morning that one commuter saw eight dead raccoons on the side of the road on his way in to the city - roadkill in other words - and another twelve on his way home.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Saw that report on the news. That's sad....poor raccoons didn't know what was coming :(

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