Tuesday, September 9

Highly Magnified Fail

Got a letter in the mail yesterday from the school district. Seems some improvement is needed at Taylorsville High. The letter. from the school principal, says the athletic fields are in need of major improvements. To the tune of a hundred grand. That's $100,000 for those of you who "do numbers."

Back in the day, that'd be a whole new stadium. And though I have not perused said field or grounds, I can think of a few other areas that the money could be better spent.

Taylor - our Taylor, not the school - told me this morning that Monday's Biology Class was boring.

"How so?"

"We were using microscopes to look an an 'e'. Could have been an upside-down '6'. Not sure."

My mind's eye started wondering what sort of single-celled creature would be of that shape.

"We also looked at cotton."
"And a magazine."

"A biology magazine?"

"No, just some dumb magazine. And nothing was moving."

This was getting interesting, but not of the scientific nature.

"Was the 'e' shaped cell dead?"

"No, it was just an 'e'."

So from this I surmise that this Biology class is more suited for those who are going into the printer repair field so as to check for background scatter from a laser printer.

Seems to me that athletics is the least of Taylorsville High's problems.

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