Wednesday, September 24

Timing Is Everything

Tonight, in a move similar to the Heidi Game of 1968, ABC television was under the impression that everyone who would be watching Dancing With The Stars would just quietly wait until after President's cop-out bail-out speech to watch what they really wanted to see afterwards.

Yeah, riiiight.

Well, it didn't work out that way. You see, Marilee used the TiVo to record DWTS so as to watch something else. And not surprisingly, it was a different episode of DWTS that she/we were watching. TiVo's great in that regard. Unfortunately, we didn't realize the second episode was pre-empted by the President's speech until long after the completion of the episode.

In a ten-second blurb, ABC mentioned just before the speech that in the Pacific time zone DWTS would be shown in its entirety at 8pm Pacific Time, whereas those of us in the Mountain states would see the show directly afterwards. Since the TiVo was only going to record an hour's worth of time, that meant the last fifteen minutes of DWTS would be cut off. And it was.

I bet there are more than a few folks out there in the vast wasteland who are in the same boat as we are.

I just hope they replay it in the next day or so.

Blame the economy on this one.

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