Sunday, September 14

Two All-Nighters

Yes, again, a work-related theme.

Emergency installs at two separate stores. First in Layton, the second in Logan. And one of them likely made me sick. Really sick.

I could go on about how a sub-contractor can "get away with" not showing up for an install, thus making it an emergency, thus putting the burden on the guy who is on call - namely me - but I won't. But what I can go on about is how some people don't have a clue about what such emergencies can do to the human body. And not just sleep deprivation.

For the first install, it was very last minute. I knew it could happen that the install could be dropped in my lap, but they waited until after the install should have commenced to tell me.

The second one gave me more warning, but I again didn't get the go ahead until about four hours beforehand. That, and it was going to be a three hour round trip. No time to get much sleep if at all.

So on the second call, I got an hour of sleep. Got up to Logan at 9:15pm. Worked through the night. Got home at 6am. If there's one thing I can remember from the evening's activities, I recall getting rather cold on the way home. Heater up to full. Then it happened. This wave of cold - really cold - washed over me. Didn't do my addition until the next day...

These kinds of installs allow for you to work through the night and take the next day off. Didn't feel too bad, though I just slept most of the day. I usually can't sleep during the day, but for some strange reason Friday I could. And woke up to a splitting headache, sniffles, and a scratchy throat. Didn't put two-and-two together until I mentioned it to Marilee. She said I probably picked up a bug sometime in the last couple days, and my tired state allowed whatever it is to attack.

Went to bed last night with a 101-degree temperature. And NyQuil. This morning I'm down to 99.5 or so. Short bug, but it has done its damage. Hacking, snotty, aches, runs the gamut.

And a busy week ahead, what with a new contract starting. Oh joy.

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