Friday, October 31

Apologies To Taylor

To be honest, after I realized a mistake I made this morning, I was just a bit gleeful. In a sort of devilish way. Quite fitting for Halloween.

After awakening him from his peaceful slumber (how you can sleep peacefully in that trash-heap is beyond me), and traipsing downstairs, he yelled up to our bedroom, said "Is it Friday? I don't have school today!!!"

Traipsing again now upstairs and a door slam later, I remembered that in fact, he DID have today off.

Which begs the inevitable question: WHAT is the deal with kids nowadays getting so many days off? I don't remember getting so many days off last century. Sure, we had BOTH Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays off, and two weeks at Christmas, and a full week for Spring break. Now it's all that (though it's just "President's DAY" now), but now there's an extra two for UEA weekend, not to mention what the hell ever today's reason is, and other reasons ad nauseum.

The schedule is in a PDF, available here.


Crackerjack said...

Those damn kids and they're damn days off, when I went to school...wait I had those days off too.

Jenn said...

HAHAHAHA that's classic! Sometimes you should do that on purpose from now on :P

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