Friday, October 3

In The Loop

Marilee and I took a drive this afternoon into the mountains - specifically, the Alpine Loop.

It's been, oh, about twenty-some-odd years since I've taken that drive, and had forgotten how beautiful it is up there. And while the fall color wasn't as vibrant as last year, it was worth the drive nonetheless.

Last year, as you'll recall, we had an especially wet August and September, so the fall colors were about two to three weeks later than normal. The colors just exploded.

This year not so much, but gorgeous just the same.

As it turned out, though, I didn't have much opportunity to take many photos; the great shots weren't near turnouts. The three in this post were, however.

Maybe we'll have one more weekend to take some more pictures, but I'm not holding my breath - snow is forecast for this weekend.

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