Wednesday, October 1

Whether Or Not

A few months back, Marilee bought herself an iPod. I, for one, never would have bought myself an iPod. I have multiple devices that play MP3 files. My GPS being one of them. Otherwise, I'm happy finding MP3's surreptitiously on the web via, uh, blind luck. Let's not go there.

So this morning, Marilee was all fired up about getting some songs downloaded to her iPod. It didn't occur to me that she had an ulterior motive to do so until just now when she walked out the door on the way to work...

There's been some flak going on in her office about folks who talk more about non-work stuff than what they're supposed to be talking about. Or not. So rather than have to listen to everything else, Marilee will have music to listen to - or not.

The underlying reason for this behavior? Think about all the times when you've wanted to talk to someone and they have earphones on - are they really listening to you or are they listening to music?

Or not?

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