Sunday, October 19

Mirror, Mirror

Yes, this is what I look like in the morning. Maybe I should have warned you.

But this post isn't so much what I look like, but that the picture is being taken in a mirror. It's a mirror that has been with Marilee for five years or more. Even BB (before Bob). But I don't "use" it - the one in the bathroom is the one I use. Or not, if I really don't want to see myself like this.

Up until a few days ago, I'd forgotten that the damn thing was even there. That is, until Marilee...

In the photo, I'm sitting on the bed. Marilee is between the mirror and me, in her Big Green Chair. Earlier in the week, at the exact moment I was made aware of the mirror that had been there for as long as I've known Marilee, she did something that...

Sorry, internet, I cannot divulge the exact thing she did. I try to make this blog as family-friendly as I can without making every post a three- or four-letter diatribe. Suffice to say it's what she said rather than what she did:

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"

...I snapped my head up so fast I nearly got whiplash. In the dim light of early morning, I couldn't really see what my head was pointing towards, but I'm sure I was turning several shades of purple and red.

At that moment, who was the most - embarrassed of them all?

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