Sunday, October 26

Please Drive To Highlighted Route

Marilee and I confused the hell out of Jill yesterday. At first it was funny, but after a while, her condescending "Recalculating" refrain got downright obnoxious.

Marilee and I went on our yearly pilgrimage to the Anniversary Inn in Logan. We go up there every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary; this year, due to work considerations and lack of time and/or money, we didn't make it up there until a full five months after the fact.

As a bit of a treat, I took her for a drive on Legacy Parkway. I'd driven Legacy even though we'd said we wanted to experience it together - there was a slow-down on I-15 a week or so ago and I had to take the new route. It worked out, though - going on new routes had become a tradition in my family and I wanted to continue that tradition with Marilee.

My Dad probably started the tradition long before I came along - back then in the mid-60's as each new section of highway was completed in Southern California, we'd go take a drive just to see where it would lead us. As an example, it was a real treat to finally be able to drive the Pomona Freeway (Highway 60). the 605 was a real treat as well. I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that stick in my memory.

I'd always thought it was the adventurous spirit that got us to go on those new routes, but as I realized yesterday by driving Legacy, he was driving those routes for a different reason - not so much to see where they went, but if he could use those routes to his advantage.

My Dad sold power tools for Skil Corporation back in those days, and drove nearly as much as I do now. Guess it's in my blood. And finding a quicker way to get from Point A to Point C without touching Point B was something you always tried to do.

Sure, I've got Jill and have veered off the beaten path only to have her steer me back to where I'm supposed to go. And even though Jill doesn't know about Legacy (yet), I'll likely use that new road to my advantage.

Thanks, Dad.

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