Saturday, October 18

TIme Flies

[I'm actually writing the answer to today's quiz Friday night. Long service call tonight to be completed (I hope) Saturday, and I may not have the time to write]

The question was how to make the words:

time flies you cannot their flight is too erratic

...into something that makes sense. Admittedly, it would only make sense if you were into flies and their flight characteristics.

Why else would I mention something that had to do with "Time Flies"? Jenn had an entry on her blog about how time flies. The chronological time - and how, as you get older, time seems to go by much faster. A given day may take forever to pass, but overall, time seems to fly by. Oh, don't I know that.

So the phrase (and answer to the quiz) is:

Time flies? You cannot! Their flight is too erratic.

Flies don't fly in a straight line. Simple.

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