Monday, November 3

BabyDoll Becomes A Poster Child

[Eighth in a series]

BabyDoll never really understood what I did for a living - I repair computers and printers. At least at the time I did. My job had me going all over the state; on one such service call, I met someone who has had an influence on me (and BabyDoll) for the last ten years.

I became involved with an animal rescue group. Now, how this particular person could tell I had a cat stumps me - OK that's not really true. People who have cats can always tell when someone else has cats. Invariably, it's that contrasting hair color all over your clothes.

It was on that fateful day that this person asked "Do you have a cat?" "Why, yes, I do." "Ever thought about getting it a friend?"

I admitted I had. After all, BabyDoll was alone during the day and would probably welcome the company. I had since moved into a new complex where pets were allowed, so having another wouldn't be too difficult.

It was 1998 - both BabyDoll and the new roommate were of a similar age.

BabyDoll never really warmed up to the intruder, though the interloper tried to make it work.

Over the years for the group, BabyDoll was the big sister to various cats and kittens alike. But never really allowing any of them to get close. Physically or otherwise. But the two of us remained close.

Because BabyDoll was always around, and I needed to keep my photography skills honed, she became an unwilling subject for my photography endeavors. Once, when I needed a model for a claw-clipping article, BabyDoll was the obvious choice. She had always let me clip her claws, and would patiently stay perfectly still for minutes on end. One session lasted an hour - never

The photo at right shows BabyDoll's paw. Not a blur in sight.

At left, I needed a photo for the subject of getting your cat a dental. Again, BabyDoll stepped in for a closeup.

Ten years after becoming part of an animal rescue group, I credit BabyDoll; a good many animals have her to thank for getting me involved.

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