Friday, November 28

Worst Day To Prepare For A Trip

OK, so maybe not THE worst day, but right near the top. Up there with the day after Christmas.
Yes, we're making our final preparations for our trip on Black Friday.

I'd had some shipping to do this morning for work, when suddenly I was presented with a call for Saratoga Springs. If you're not familiar with Saratoga Springs, it's a little burg in Utah County near somewhere in Egypt. And the place I was going is on Redwood Road. Highway 68 as far as Jill is concerned.

She had me go straight down Bangerter, which I really don't care to do during any part of the day, but realized it was a perfect opportunity to take care of some last-minute shopping; I needed to get some cat food for Molly and Sherman at Petsmart, and buy a couple memory cards at Best Buy for the two cameras we're taking. As Jordan Landing is on the way, I got off Bangerter and ran into THE worst traffic jam.

Jeebus! What is this, the day after Thanksgiving?

Oh, wait...

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